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3-day Kitesurfcourse

Specially for people who have never kitesurfed before. Complete course with a good basis

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Sail your first meters yourself, but want someone who keeps an eye one you? Then guided rental might be something for you.

Guided rental

“Let’s pray for windy days”

Learn to kite at the best kiteboarding school in the Netherlands! From young to old, from beginner to advanced, we are the kiteboarding school for everyone! Get acquainted with kite surfing in an accessible and easy way. Book the Introduction course!

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Guided rental

If you have had enough lessons and can make your first meters yourself, then guided rental may be something for you. We give some tips about our spot and we keep an eye on things from the beach if something happens when you are on the water. More about renting.

Kitesurfschool Scheveningen

Do you want to learn kite surfing at sea? Then choose our location in Scheveningen. The municipality has designated a special area for kitesurfing lessons on the Zuiderstrand. Our Kitesurfing school in Scheveningen works together with beach pavilion Millers Beach. Here you can have a drink before / after the kite surfing lesson, take a shower and of course enjoy yourself on the terrace. Experience the feeling of freedom when you go kitesurfing at kitesurfing school Scheveningen! The rustling of the waves, the power of your kite and the tranquility of nature ensure that you will experience days that you will never forget.

Kitesurfschool Kijkduin

Our #1 location! Have you heard of it yet? In Kijkduin they built “the Sand Motor”. This is a peninsula in which a lake has been created. In this lake there is flat and shallow water with sea breeze, perfect for kite surfing lessons! In Kijkduin you will find our kitesurf clubhouse. Here you can change clothes and have a snack / drink. After completing your kitesurfing course in Kijkduin you will receive an IKO card from us with which you can rent kitesurfing equipment worldwide.

Kitesurflessons in Oesterdam

In Oesterdam a large part is shallow, there is sea breeze and there is plenty of space on the beach. We also recommend our private course for your kitesurfing lessons in Oesterdam. Here you get a 100% sailing guarantee if you take more than 3 private lessons and it costs only 175 per lesson with a duration of 2.5 hours per lesson.

IKO Kitesurfschool / Safety

  • We are internationally certified by IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization).

  • When you complete your course you will receive an IKO certificate, with which you can rent kitesurfing equipment worldwide.

  • We advise the municipality of The Hague, the rescue brigade and the KNRM on (policy) plans with regard to kite surfing.

Fair prices is not the cheapest, but certainly not the most expensive provider of kitesurfing lessons. We guarantee that you will get value for your money.

No riding = Free kitesurflesson

Do you think you cannot learn to kite surf? Thijs and Roel think differently about this. They are so sure about it that when taking a 5 day kitesurf course they give a no riding = free lesson guarantee!

Les from champions

Thijs and Roel only choose really good instructors, with a lot of experience. In addition, both of them have more than 10 (!) Years of full-time kite surfing instruction experience.

The best kitesurf materials

Naish and Prolimit are big boys in the kite surfing world. Naish is even the market leader. always has the latest kitesurfing equipment from these brands at its disposal. Not only is this safe, it also strengthens your learning curve so that you learn to kite surf faster. We use the Naish Pivot, Dash, Boxer, Slash & Fly. All very stable and easy to use kites.

Shallow- and flatwater locations

In Kijkduin, we are the kiteboarding school closest to the flat water location the Zandmotor. Ideal for your kitesurfing lesson!

Internationally accredited is one of the 6 certified IKO schools in the Netherlands. We are quite proud of that.

Largest online theory base of NL

Would you also like to learn theory online? We have the largest and most valuable knowledge base in the Netherlands.

Naish Kiteboarding Beach Shop

In our shop the entire Naish Kiteboarding and Prolimit waterwear range is available to provide you with the right equipment after your lesson. The shop team is available daily to provide you with expert advice. In addition, we have all Beach Essentials for the beach lover on location:

  • Eco sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Hamam beachtowels + Beachwear

Prefer to shop online? Through our online webshop you can easily order all items from home and it will be delivered at home within 3-5 working days. Trip!

Every year we go to Egypt with the School for a kite cruise. This is one experience you should put on your bucket list. This year, in contrast to previous years, we have opted for the most windproof season, summer. View the aftermovie of the 2019 trip on the right!