Kiteboardschool Deal

3 Kitesurflessons

Was €299,- Now only € 230,-

(3 x 3,5 hours)

Kiteboardschool Deal

5 Kitesurflessons

Was €475,- Now only €359,99

(5 x 3,5 hours)

Kiteboardschool Deal

Prefer a max of 2 students in your class?

The same deal for an additional €40 pp. per lesson.


“Let’s pray for windy days”

Learn to kite at the best and safest kiteboarding school in the Netherlands! From young to old, from beginner to advanced, we are the kiteboarding school for everyone! Get acquainted with kite surfing at an affordable rate and in an easy way. Book the Spring Deal!

Offer valid until February 14

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Choose a lesson, date and time here. You pay directly to ensure your spots.

One day before the class you will receive an email & text message. If the class is canceled, you can easily reschedule in your account!

Our flexibility is endless! Taking lessons 3 or 5 days in a row or once a week? No problem! Would you rather spread them out over a number of weeks or months? This is also possible! *

* The lessons of our Spring Deal can be taken throughout April and May 7 days a week.


Thousands of students preceded you! Book the summer deal and start your kitesurfing adventure!

I still knew Roel from Aruba, great people with a relaxed attitude! That is also the atmosphere at, relaxed and fun, but when it comes to teaching they are dead serious and professional.

Sjors van 't Hullenaar

Last year I learned to kiteboard at Kiteboardschool and this year I started with an advanced course, let’s say flying course. Strengths:
They adapt the lessons very well to your progression and knowledge, they have the latest and greatest gear and they are very relaxed and friendly instructors.

Eric de Bruin

This time we opted for the private lesson with a radio helmet after taking a few group lessons last year. We also enjoyed this lesson very much. Roel and his team teach with a lot of passion and rely on years of kite experience and you notice that in everything. Their explanation and patience, lesson structure, enthusiasm and the trust they give, makes that we recommend from beginners to advanced!

Bob Eyken

I am really happy with how treats people and their way of teaching. And I am also glad that I took lessons there and that they have now become friends as well as teachers. I therefore recommend everyone to take classes there. Kiting can be quite exciting and intense, but their lessons have never made me feel unsafe. They also advised me on top with materials. thank you!

DJ Tony Star

Why lessons at

  • Fully accredited and certified instructors
  • 3 Locations: Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Zeeland (Oesterdam and more)
  • We only use the latest Naish and Prolimit gear (2021)
  • Only experienced instructors
  • Get a free IKO card at the end of your course
  • Access to the largest Kite online learning environment in the Netherlands
  • 4500+ lessons given to happy students in 2020
  • Flat and shallow water areas at different locations
  • Special deals on Naish and Prolimit kite gear after completion of your course
  • Over the past 19 years, Roel has devoted himself fully to perfecting the teaching methods of

Why this great Spring Deal?

April and May are wonderful months to learn kite surfing. In the spring the kitesurfing weather (the wind) is already very good. Most people wait to book until the summer, when there is often less wind. To be able to give kitesurfing lessons during these beautiful months, we have this Kite Spring Deal. So come early in the season for lessons so that you can go out on the water independently for the rest of the summer!

Are you looking for a new and fun adventure?

Do you have a friend or family member who is always looking for new experiences full of adrenaline? Kitesurfing is a fantastic experience for young and old. Surprise your family or friends during the holidays with a really special gift, the Spring Deal!

Kitesurfing is an experience to look forward to.

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Questions about reservations or other questions?
In you send us an email to we will reply within 1 day.
You can also call us at +31 (0) 6 40 80 88 00

Of course we follow the guidelines of the RIVM for lessons. Your booking account describes a protocol on how we can comply with the guidelines as adequately as possible on location and with your cooperation.

We were hardly affected by the Covid19 measures last season.
We practice an outdoor sport, so we are the first ones to be back open for lessons in case of lockdowns or partial lockdowns due to government regulations for the Corona Pandemic.

What can you expect during the 3- or 5-day IKO course? (IKO kitesurf certificate, theory & much more)

In 3 or 5 IKO lessons of no less than 3.5 hours per lesson, we prepare you so that you can go on the water independently after completing this IKO course.*

We teach on flat water all around the ZandMotor (SandEngine) in Kijkduin and in Zeeland at our location in Oesterdam.
We stand for quality and therefore only work with the latest Kite material from Naish Kiteboarding. The pioneers in the field of windsurfing, kite surfing, surfing & Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) and developer of our lesson kite the “Naish Pivot”.
The Naish Pivot is the best all-round kite on the market. Kevin Langeree has become world champion twice at Red Bull King of the Air,
but the kite is also very suitable for the novice kite surfer.
In addition, we have all the facilities at our beach club (changing rooms, snacks and drinks, toilets, outdoor showers, etc.).

“Ready for kite surfing? The lessons can only be taken in April and May 2021.

Don’t want to miss this spring deal kitesurfing? 3 IKO kitesurfing lessons normally cost € 299, –

“Book the 3-day IKO course today for only € 230, -“

Or go a step further and book the 5-day course for only € 359, – “

You can then take kitesurfing lessons throughout April and May, 7 days a week in 2021. Book today at the bottom of this page for your 3- or 5-day kitesurfing course including all kitegear. Wetsuits can be rented for € 7.50 per lesson at our location.

Do you still want to take lessons in our high season (June to October)? No problem! This is possible for an additional payment of €30, – per lesson extra. So all the flexibility to plan your kitesurfing lessons according to your own agenda!

“There are still places available as long as the online booking system is visible below. So book your 3- or 5- IKO Kitesurfing lessons now!”

3 Days kitesurfing, now temporarily just €230-,    /    5 Days kitesurfing now temporarily just 359-, !

Please Note: You can book this Deal until 14 February