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eFoil: The latest craze in the Netherlands!

“eFoiling” is the newest trend in surfsports and rapidly capturing the globe. With the combination of a hydrofoil (a long fin with a wing) and a small but extremely strong electric motor, you can sail wherever you want and whenever you want. Waves aren’t needed, wind is not necessary, the only thing you need is water!

Kiteboardschool.nl is the first and only 1 to offer this new and amazing sport in the Netherlands. We believe in the power and future of this new sport, as once snowboarding was born. Once you have seen this sport, you can’t let it out of your mind. Endless surfing without having to wait for wind, without having a sail or kite in your hands, is already a great phenomenon. Add to that the effect of the foil, so you rise up and as it were ‘surf the air’, and you understand that this sport has the potential to become great and very addictive!

Kiteboardschool.nl exclusively works with Fliteboard.com. This Australian company is a pioneer in the development of electrically powered hydrofoil surfboards, and in 2018 with a series of boards and eFoils. Fliteboard is already known for the high level of completion and the extremely long riding times, thanks to the specially developed lithium cell batteries.

Efoil lesson

Private Packages

1 on 1 with an instructor

  • Come learn and get the hang of it!
  • Whole lesson nonstop eFoiling, one on one
  • Ideal for Kitesurfers, SUPpers & Windsurfers who want to experiment with foiling
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efoil duo lessons

Duo packages

2 persons per instructor

  • Get lessons from pioneers / professionals
  • The perfect activity to do with your best friend
  • Only bookable in pairs
  • eFoil both with your own board
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efoil group lessons

Team building

for companies, families and friends

  • Combination of 2 eFoils and SUPs for everybody
  • A group activity that is new and spectacular for everyone
  • Regardless of the weather conditions, this activity is always on
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“There is no surfsport that you learn as fast as eFoil surfing. Stand and sail within an hour”

  • The first eFoil center in Europe

  • Available for shows, media or movies

  • Available in The Hague and Amsterdam

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How fast do you learn eFoiling?

The good news is: Super fast! After practicing laying the board and making speed, you can sit on your knees after 20 minutes. After another twenty minutes, most of you are ready to stand. The boards are wide and stable, and offer a sturdy platform on the water. As soon as you’re ready, you then increase the speed slightly, and let the hydrofoil do its job. The board will rise out of the water, and suddenly you’ll feel the magic of ‘surfing on air’. You are suddenly completely free, as if you were about to hit the best powdered snowboard session of your life. The sound of splashing water disappears, the only thing you hear is a slight buzzing of the electric motor under water. You will never forget this moment!

We offer introductory lessons of approximately one and a half hours. Our experience shows that most of our students are on the board within one hour and can already experience their first eFoil experience. If you want to boost your skills some more, we recommend to book 1 or 2 extra lessons. Are you so stoked after your class and would you like to extend that class to make those extra meters? Then use our 15-minute extra booking option where you can work on your curves under the watchful eye of an instructor, make meters and enjoy your results.

‘Ideal for all kite surfers, windsurfers and surfers who want to expand their sport with foils. Take one or two hours of eFoil lessons, and you know what “foiling” is, without being distracted by your kite or your sail.’



Is eFoiling safe?

Yes. We even dare to say: safer than kitesurfing, or mountain biking, or surfing in the waves. You can practice eFoiling on flat water, and without the wind playing a role. The electric motor and the manual control have been developed with the thought of ‘safety first’. As soon as you fall off your board, the electric motor stops in a split second. But even if you release the ‘trigger’ on the manual control, the motor stops immediately. It is out of the question that the board will pass if you are in the water yourself.

Of course there are points of interest. In the water, for example, you have to be aware of the long fin. And we recommend to wear a helmet and an impact harness in the beginning.

Do I need a boat license?

No. A boat license is mandatory for vessels that can reach more than 20k/h in the Netherlands. Our eFoil boards are limited to a maximum of 20 km/h. That is more than enough speed to get you out of the water. There are also boards that can go faster. In that case, a small boat license (called ‘Vaarbewijs’) is required in by Dutch law.

Do you also sell eFoils?

Orange Surfsports represents Fliteboard in the Benelux. If you are considering purchasing an eFoil, you can contact Orange Surfsports for all your questions. eFoil boards from Fliteboard come complete with state-of-the-art technology, wireless hand control and a waterproof conceiled battery specially developed for Fliteboard. The costs of a complete set amount to more than € 10,000, recieving good advice when purchasing is of great importance. Carel Erasmus, owner of Orange and partner of Kiteboardschool.nl, is happy to help you make the right choice. When purchasing an eFoil board you will receive an hour of free eFoil lessons and explanations. If you first want to attend a lesson at Kiteboardschool.nl, you will receive your entire lesson amount back! Carel Erasmus can be reached via +31 (0) 6-1994 5732.

Where do you teach eFoiling?

We work from multiple locations in the Netherlands. These locations have flat water, a safe launching and boarding zone with a jetty or pier.

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