Introductory course kitesurfing 110 Euro

Do you want to learn how to kitesurf the most efficient way? breaks the course up in small steps to optimize your learning curve. Our locations in Scheveningen and Kijkduin are the perfect places to learn how to kite!

Yes, i would like to experience kitesurfing!

*Here you can reserve the introductory course online.

Day 1 | One day kitesurfing course

  • Short instruction about the weather
  • Being able to steer a powerkite on land
  • Safety instructions
  • Being able to steer a 4-line kite
  • Bodydragging*
  • Your first board attempt

*Being able to have yourself pulled through the water by using the power of the kite

What are you going to do in your first kitesurf course?

The introduction course is based on basic piloting skills. Together with your instructor, you will learn the powers of the kite. You will start off with a basic 2-line powerkite on land and when you have mastered the 2-liner you will continue with a 4-line kite in the water. With the 4-line kite, you will first learn how to bodydrag. When you have skilled this exercise, you will start making your first water start attempts.

Yes, i would like to experience kitesurfing!

Are you a quick learner or have you already had a kitesurf lessons before?

If you already had a kitesurf lesson at a different school than we will adapt our lesson to your skill level. Are you a quick learner? Than we will walk through all steps at your own pace so you can advance faster.

Kitesurfen cursus

Lesson guarantee

The day before your kitesurfing course we will contact you to discuss if the weather is good for an optimal kitesurf lesson. If this is not the case, we will plan a new day together. So you know for sure that you get what you pay for.

Kitesurfen Zandmotor

Getting certified

Each student goes through the “International Kiteboarding Organization” or IKO program. This allows for safe kitesurfing lessons with the latest material. At the end of your kitesurfing course, Roel & Thijs certify you based upon the IKO system. With this certification, you can take kitesurf lessons or rent equipment with any participating IKO affiliated center.

IKO card

The costs

The costs for the 1 day kitesurf course is €110,- incl. equipment and instructor. This is 3.5 hours.

Rather be in a small group? For only €30,- p.p. per lesson extra you can book a semi private lesson with only 2 students

Kosten kitesurfles

Kitesurfing lesson times

  • A 1 day course lasts for 3.5 hours.
  • Kitesurfinglessons start at 9:00, 1:30 or 5:30*

*5:30 Only if there is enough daylight.

Cursus kitesurfen

What can you do after your first kitesurf course?

When you have completed the 1-day kitesurf course, you are able to safely fly and steer a kite. On the second course day, we will put the focus on being able to control the kite independently and make sure you can independently put on the kiteboard. That’s why we will teach you how to divide your attention without crashing the kite.

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Yes, i would like to experience kitesurfing!

*Here you can reserve the introductory course online.

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