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Line lengths kitesurfing

Line lengths kitesurfing Many beginners don’t know there are different line lengths for kitesurfing. Your standard set of lines will be anywhere from 22-24 metres. Line length can make huge differences to power and performance.   15-19 metres Using shorter lines means your wind window is smaller. This causes the kite to have less power [...]

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Parts of a kitesurfing bar

Parts of a kitesurfing bar Over the years kitesurfing equipment has changed a lot. Bars have become much safer to use due to the addition of safety systems. If you’re buying a second hand bar, always make sure it has a depower system and a quick release.   Chicken loop The chicken loop is the [...]

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Parts of a kitesurfing kite

Parts of a kitesurfing kite   Leading edge This is the thick inflatable tube on the kite. This allows the kite to float on the water and it gives the kite its shape. On the inside of the leading edge you will find plastic tube in which the air is pumped. These are called bladders. [...]

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Kitesurfing harness

Types of kitesurfing harnesses   If you have just finished your lessons and you’re about to buy your first harness, you might find yourself wondering which one is best for you. If you’ve taken lessons with us, you will have used a seat harness. This type is best suitable for beginners as it doesn’t come [...]

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Kitesurf wetsuits

Types of kitesurf wetsuits   A wetsuit is an essential part of you kitesurfing equipment. A wetsuit keeps you warm and also protects you from the sun. There are different kinds of wetsuits suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. There are wetsuits for any budget, but keep in mind that the cheaper ones usually [...]

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Kitesurfing boards

Types of kitesurfing boards   Just like any other board sport, in kitesurfing there are different types of boards for different riding styles. Think wave, free ride, race, foil, wake style and more.   Twin tip kitesurf board  This is the most used board in kitesurfing. Any beginner will start to learn on one of [...]

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Types of kitesurfing kites

Types of kitesurfing kites   There are many different types of kites on the market. Some are made for kitesurfing, while other kite are only suitable for use on land. There are two main types of kites: tube kites and foil kites. Tube kites are inflatable kites made for use in the water. Although some [...]

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Used kitesurfing equipment checklist

Checklist used kitesurfing equipment Used kitesurfing equipment can be a good budget alternative for new equipment. Kitesurfing equipment can be quite an investment if you're buying new. Many beginning kitesurfers want to see whether the sport is for them on the long run before buying new equipment. We get asked about second hand gear a [...]

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Kitesurfing equipment

Basic equipment kitesurfing If you’re new to kitesurfing it can be difficult to know what kind of gear is most suitable for you. Should you buy new or second hand gear? What size is best for you? C-shape or bow-shape? 4 or 5 lines? In this article we will give you an in-depth overview of [...]

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