Types of kitesurfing harnesses


If you have just finished your lessons and you’re about to buy your first harness, you might find yourself wondering which one is best for you. If you’ve taken lessons with us, you will have used a seat harness. This type is best suitable for beginners as it doesn’t come up too much. Although a matter of personal preference, we recommend buying a waist harness after your course.


Seat harness kitesurfing


A seat harness is a bit like a diaper. The straps around your legs prevent the harness from crawling up because of the kite.



  1. Doesn’t crawl up too much
  2. The pulling point is lower, making for easier upwind riding


Waist harness kitesurfing

This type of harness only goes around your waist and doesn’t have any straps around the legs. It also gives you more freedom of movement which is nice for tricks of toeside riding.



  1. No annoying straps around your legs
  2. More freedom of movement and comfort
  3. Better suitable for tricks


Come and test before you buy

At Kiteboardschool.nl we have a whole range of harnesses. If you’re in doubt whether you want to buy a seat of waist harness, you can rent one from us to try. Never buy a harness purely based on price. Always try on different harnesses in a shop before buying one.