Parts of a kitesurfing kite


  1. Leading edge

This is the thick inflatable tube on the kite. This allows the kite to float on the water and it gives the kite its shape. On the inside of the leading edge you will find plastic tube in which the air is pumped. These are called bladders.


  1. Struts

Also know as the ribs of the kite. Modern kites have anywhere from zero to 5 struts.


  1. Valve

In the middle of the leading edge you find the inflate valve. Modern kites have a one pump system

  1. Bridals

These are the lines to which the power lines or front lines are attached.


  1. Canopy

The actual sail of the kite is called the canopy.


  1. Tip

The ends of the kite are always referred to as tips or wing tips.


  1. Pigtail

The connection point of the kite is called the pig tail


Soft, hard or medium setting

Most modern kites have 3 settings on the wing tip of the kite. The soft setting usually has bigger depower, lighter bar pressure and easy turning. The hard setting often has more bar pressure, less depower and slower turning.