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Kitesurfing jump I 4 easy steps to fly

How to jump kitesurfing? Your first kitesurfing jump will give you the real rush of kitesurfing! Jumping is an easy move but does require the right preparation. Before you start jumping you have to be able to ride upwind, relaunch your kite when you crash and bodydrag back to your board. Your first kitesurfing jump I [...]

Kitesurfing transition I 6 easy steps

  Kitesurfing transition how to Once you’ve mastered the water start and can ride both directions it’s time to learn the transition. A kitesurf transition allows you to change direction without stopping, falling back into the water and doing the water start all over again. In this article we will discuss different types of transitions [...]

Riding toeside kitesurfing I 8 easy steps

How to ride toeside kitesurfing Riding toeside is one of the first techniques you have to learn after riding upwind. In this article we give you a couple of tips to go from heelside to toeside. This allows you to ride toeside and make a stylish toeside transition! 7 steps to riding toeside Riding toeside [...]

Riding upwind kitesurfing I 5 easy steps

How to ride upwind kitesurfing Ride upwind might be the hardest thing you need to master after you can successfully water start and ride a short distance. What makes riding upwind hard is that you are going against the wind. Of course riding directly against the wind is impossible, so in order to get upwind [...]

Kitesurf water start I 8 steps to get you riding

How to water start kitesurfing? Your first kitesurf water start will probably happen somewhere in your second or third lesson when you can control the kite and you mastered the upwind bodydrag it’s time for your first water start. There are many ways to learn this technique but in all our years of teaching we [...]