Kitesurfing transition how to

Once you’ve mastered the water start and can ride both directions it’s time to learn the transition. A kitesurf transition allows you to change direction without stopping, falling back into the water and doing the water start all over again. In this article we will discuss different types of transitions and give you tips and tricks for each technique.

Basic kitesurfing transition without stopping

Step 1: Slowly bring your kite back to 12 o’clock and push the bar away a bit in order to slow down

Step 2: Edge a bit more upwind to come to a stop

Step 3: As soon as you almost stop you want to pull the bar in again so the lift of the kite keeps you afloat

Step 4: Then quickly transition the weight from your back foot to your front foot

Step 5: At the same time redirect the kite in the direction you want to go

Step 6: Straighten your front leg again and push the board upwind by leaning on your back foot

Common mistakes with the basic kitesurfing transition

1. Bringing the kite back to 12 too fast. This will probably result in you making your first jump.

2. If you move the kite back to 12 too slow you will inevitably sink back into the water

3. Depending on the wind speed you may want to turn faster or slower. Just remember to go slow in the beginning to prevent being catapulted into the air.

4. Not coming to a stop before redirecting the kite. If you still have momentum one way while redirecting the kite to the other side you are basically pushing the brake while you want to gain speed.

5. Not redirecting the kite hard enough. Remember that when you come to a complete stop you will need the same amount of power necessary for a normal water start and if you still have some momentum the other way, even a bit more power is needed.

Toeside kitesurfing transition

Doing a transition from toeside can create a nice spray and looks stylish. From heelside slide into a toeside position and keep riding upwind. Make sure to look back before you initiate the turn. From toeside slow down a bit and start to bring the kite back to 12. At the same time push on your back foot to initiate the turn. The kite will pull you into the turn automatically. To keep enough power in the kite it is crucial to immediately lean against the kite to keep tension in the lines if you make the turn.

Jump transition

This advanced transition is a stylish one. To make a jump transition you want to steer your kite from 11 to 12 or from 1 to 12 slightly faster than you would when doing a basic transition. Before the kite reaches 12 o’clock pull the bar in and edge upwind at the same time. Pull in your legs a bit and jump. Then redirect the kite quite hard in your new direction of riding.

Jump transition with a board grab

Backroll kitesurfing transition