How to ride toeside kitesurfing

Riding toeside is one of the first techniques you have to learn after riding upwind. In this article we give you a couple of tips to go from heelside to toeside. This allows you to ride toeside and make a stylish toeside transition!

7 steps to riding toeside

Riding toeside step 1: bring your kite in the right position

First go down wind a little bit but make sure to keep enough power in the kite. You want to keep the kite slightly higher in the wind window around 11 or 1. The increased lift of the kite makes for easier turning.

Riding toeside step 2: shift your weight

Slowly shift your weight from your back foot to your front foot. Make sure to maintain medium speed to prevent the edge of your board ……

Riding toeside step 3: turn your board

With your weight now on your front foot, push your back foot away from you. This will make the back of your board turn in the riding direction, which starts to turn you into the toeside position.

Riding toeside step 4: turn your shoulders

To make this trick easier, don’t forget to turn your shoulders into the riding direction aswell.

Riding toeside step 5: keep pressure in your kite

Regardless of your speed you will always lose a bit of power when switching to toeside.

Riding toeside step 6: lean forward

To ride upwind you need to lean away from the kite to keep pressure in the kite. In order to ride uwind you should push your back foot towards the kite to point the nose in an upwind direction.

Riding toeside step 7: let go on one hand

This way of riding looks more stylish when you let go one hand while to keep it on the water.

Want to learn riding toeside with an instructor?

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