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Wind speed converter beaufort knots

Wind speed converter kitesurfing   As mentioned in our article about weather conditions for kitesurfing, you need to know what kind of wind speed is suitable for kitesurfing. General sources like the forecast on the news use Beaufort as a scale. For kitesurfing this is not an accurate unit to measure the wind speed. To [...]

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Wind and weather apps for kitesurfing

Wind and weather apps for kitesurfing Wind and weather apps give you real time insight. When we began kitesurfing we used teletekst to get up to date information. These days all necessary data is readily available online and it’s possible to get precise and real time information about the weather forecast and conditions. For us [...]

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Weather conditions for kitesurfing

Weather conditions for kitesurfing Proper knowledge of weather conditions is necessary for any kitesurfer. Make sure to check the weather forecast as part of your spot assessment ! In a kitesurfing lesson we teach you exactly what to look for. What kind of weather conditions are right for kitesurfing? This really depends on your level [...]

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