Wind speed converter kitesurfing



As mentioned in our article about weather conditions for kitesurfing, you need to know what kind of wind speed is suitable for kitesurfing. General sources like the forecast on the news use Beaufort as a scale. For kitesurfing this is not an accurate unit to measure the wind speed. To make life easier, we’ve included a chart so you can easily convert from Beaufort to knots. 

How to tell the wind speed without a gage?

As experienced kitesurfers we look for signs that indicate how hard the wind is blowing. A general rule is when white caps start to form in the water, the wind is around 4 Beaufort or 12 knots. Always check for signs around you. How are the trees, flags clouds and the sand moving? As you become more experienced you will be able to make a good estimate by looking what’s happening around you.

Wind speed converter

The most common one is Beaufort but for kitesurfing we use knots as it’s a much more precise measuring unit.

Need help?

In our kitesurf school in Den Haag, we can teach you more about how to read a forecast and select the right material for your kitesurfing session. All of our beginner courses start with the necessary theory on how to read the conditions.