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Safety systems for kitesurfing

Safety systems for kitesurfing Modern kites have safety systems that allow you to get rid of the power when needed. Make sure you buy a kite and bar with a modern safety system. In general, there are always 3 steps to the safety system of any kitesurfing kite which have to be activated in the [...]

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Safety equipment kitesurfing

Safety equipment kitesurfing Having the right safety equipment is essential for practising safely. Kitesurfing is considered an extreme sport, it’s very safe if you take the right safety precautions. Apart from having up to date material and knowing how to use the safety systems, wearing protective kitesurfing equipment can increase your safety. Kitesurfing knife Although [...]

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Is kitesurfing dangerous?

Is kitesurfing dangerous? Kitesurfing or kiteboarding is often considered to be an extreme sport. If you’ve looked into kiteboarding, chances are you’ve come across videos of people being lifted up in the air or dragged down the beach. In this in depth article we discuss how dangerous kitesurfing really is, what can make for dangerous [...]

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