Safety equipment kitesurfing

Having the right safety equipment is essential for practising safely. Kitesurfing is considered an extreme sport, it’s very safe if you take the right safety precautions. Apart from having up to date material and knowing how to use the safety systems, wearing protective kitesurfing equipment can increase your safety.

Kitesurfing knife

Although your kite has safety systems, in some cases you want to cut your lines. For instance, when your kite flies into a tree, a moving boat or whatever situation you get yourself into. Most modern harnesses will have a kite knife included, which can often be found close to the hook.

Kitesurfing helmet

All our students have to wear a helmet in the lessons. It is safer to kite with than without a helmet but you might be surprised to see hardly any independent kitesurfing wears one. Especially in the beginning we do recommend you to wear a helmet, at least until you can ride upwind and have full control.

Kitesurfing floatation vest

Wearing a floatation device if not a standard in kitesurfing yet. You will find most independent kitesurfers don’t wear these. Obviously when you do water sports it is safer to use one. The are different types on the market, suitable for both seat and waist harnesses. Don’t confuse an impact vest for a floatation device though. According to industry standards, a floatation device must have at least 50N of buoyancy,

Kite leash

This is an essential part of your safety equipment. If you are to active the quick release on your bar, you will still be attached to your kite with a safety leash. Never ride without a leash!

Board leash

As a beginner or as an advanced rider practising tricks, you will fall and lose your board often. Make sure you master upwind body dragging to get back to your board. Board leashed are an outdated peace of dangerous equipment. NEVER go kiting with a board leash. When you crash, the board leash can yank the board and cause injury.

Self rescue

Although being more of a safety technique than safety equipment, make sure to master the self rescue technique!!