Relaunch kitesurfen

Relaunching a kite from the water can be tricky if you’re a beginner. In a kitesurfing lesson we teach you how to relaunch safely step by step.

Before we begin the restart – relaunch – the kite

If your kite has crashed into the water, release the bar and wait until the lines have tension again. Then check if the lines are not crossed. As soon as this is correct, you must determine to which side you will relaunch the kite. Look carefully at obstacles, other kite surfers, etc. and choose the safest option and / or the closest side to the beach. If you pull left, the kite relays to the right and vice versa.

Kitesurf relaunch step 1

When your kite has landed in the water your lines will be crossed. The red line is now on you left and blue is on the right. When you now relaunch your bar will automatically be in the correct position. Now determine which side is the safest to relaunch from.

Kitesurf relaunch step 2

Hold the red steering line and pull it towards you *. The kite immediately starts to drift to the right.
* It is important that you hold the line at a fixed point and do not wrap it around your hands or fingers

Kitesurf relaunch step 3

Keep pulling on the line so that the kite starts turning. Here you have to dose the tension a little, with less wind you have to pull harder and with more wind you pull less hard. The kite keeps drifting to the right and keeps turning.

Kitesurf relaunch step 4

As soon as the kite starts to catch wind, it is important that you give less tension to the red line. In this step it is important that you first let the kite drift to the soft zone / window edge before you restart it at 3 or 9 o’clock. It is possible to restart the kite from the power zone, but then you will be pulled downwind hard.

Kitesurf relaunch step 5

The kite is now going up. It is important not to attract the bar, then you oversheet the kite and it will fall back into the water. Once the kite is higher (around 2 or 10 o’clock) then you can release the control line and grab the bar. Now you steer the kite to 12 o’clock.


Kite onto trailing edge?

In this case the kite is on its back. First release the bar. Wait until there is tension on the lines and then the kite usually turns automatically on the leading edge.

From there you can follow all the steps above.