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Wind and weather apps for kitesurfing

Wind and weather apps for kitesurfing Which wind and weather apps do we use for kitesurfing? When we began kitesurfing we used teletekst to get up to date information. These days all necessary data is readily available online through wind and weather apps. This way it’s possible to get precise and real time information about [...]

Spot assessment for kitesurfing

Spot assessment kitesurfing Making a spot assessment is a crucial step efore you start kitesurfing on a spot. For safety reasons it's important to asses the spot you are going to ride. Are the waves? Where is the wind from? Are there any dangerous obstacles? The spotassesment is a crucial element for your own safety. [...]

Upwind body drag kitesurfing

Upwind body drag kitesurfing The upwind body drag is a technique any independent kitesurfer must control. The upwind body drag is mostly used when you fall off your board or you can’t waterstart anymore due to a lack of wind. The purpose of the upwind body drag is to use your kite to drag you. [...]

Kite launching and landing

Kite launching and landing Kite launching and landing in a safe way is highly important. It is essential to first understand some basic principles of launching and landing your kite. It is possible to self launch and land without the help of an assistant. However this is for advanced kitesurfers only and as a beginner [...]

Riding direction kitesurfing

Riding direction kitesurfing Which riding direction are there for kitesurfing? When speaking about the different directions it is always in relation to the wind direction. Make sure you understand the image below before you continue reading. Riding direction 1: against the wind  Riding straight against the wind is not possible. To ride into the direction of [...]

Kitesurf relaunch how to I 5 easy steps

Kitesurf relaunch Being able to do a kitesurf relaunch is an essential basic skill for kitesurfing. Relaunching a kite from the water can be tricky if you’re a beginner. In a kitesurfing lesson we teach you how to relaunch safely step by step. To get an idea of the technique behind the water relaunch we’ve written [...]

Software kitesurfingschool

Software kitesurfingschool / software kiteschool Kiteboardschool.nl has had software developed in 2015 to automate the scheduling of students and instructors. Due to the large demand in the kitesurfing market for an online booking system for kiteschools, we decided to put the software on the market. Meet VIKING bookings (yes, named after Roel, the Viking ;)). [...]

Wind directions kitesurfing

Wind directions kitesurfing Be more conscious of the wind and the wind-directions from now on. Where is it coming from? How do you see that? How do you feel that? The wind-directions which are dealt with here is relative to the beach. Wind-directions We know four wind-directions namely North, East, South, West. You are also [...]

How to control a 4 or 5 line kite

How to control a 4 or 5 line kite In this article we are going to explain you how a “real” kite works. The only thing we will be explaining here is how to learn to control a big(ger) kite while standing in the water. Note that this article is pure a reference after your lessons. [...]

How to control a powerkite?

How to control a powerkite? Powerkiting is also a popular name for the so called stunt kites. How to control a powerkite is in the same manner as that of a regular kite we use for kitesurfing. You can safe a lot of hours practice with the big kite when controlling a powerkite has become an [...]

Wind window kitesurfing

Wind window kitesurfing A kite wind window is the area where the kite can fly. This is a three-dimensional semi-dome. In the wind window there are three components: the power zone, the intermediate zone and the edge of the wind window. Power zone When you can feel the wind in your back, you will find [...]