How to control a powerkite?


Powerkiting is also a popular name for the so called stunt kites. How to control a powerkite is in the same manner as that of a regular kite we use for kitesurfing. You can safe a lot of hours practice with the big kite when controlling a powerkite has become an automatism. All the more reason to buy a powerkite and go practice! Here are some handy tips:

Tips for powerkiting:

  • Makes sure you always have “2” kite lengths distance from others
  • Always keep the wind in your back!
  • Keep red on the left side
  • Do not walk backwards
  • Relax your arms when your holding the bar and make sure your steering the kite like you would with a bicycle. Pull left and push right or vice versa. Make sure you do this in the direction of the lines otherwise your kite will not react.

Why powerkiting?

Powerkiting is de base for kitesurfing. If you know how to control a power kite with your eyes closed, then you’re ready to go kite surfing. The more hours you train on how to control a powerkite, the faster you learn how to kitesurf!

Safety powerkiting

  • Always practice with an experienced powerkiter
  • Make sure you practice on powerkites with a safety-system, for your own safety and the safety of others
  • You can safely powerkite with winds ranging form 2- to 5 Bft. Always read the safety book to see what wind range your powerkite can handle
  • At our local store you can buy safe powerkites for you and your family.

Powerkite lessons

There is a variety of exercises you can do on a power kite. From using your kite to practice upwind bodydragging, doing the waterstart or controlling the kite with 1 hand. All these exercises are covered in a power kiting lesson.

powerkiten leren

powerkite les

cursus powerkiten

Here you will experience for the first time the how to control a powerkite and it’s powers. You’ll be amazed at how much power one of these small powerkites has. One last tip: send the power kite when you feel the most power. You’ll feel/see a clear tension in the lines and the kite responds best at that moment.