Software kitesurfingschool / software kiteschool has had software developed in 2015 to automate the scheduling of students and instructors. Due to the large demand in the kitesurfing market for an online booking system for kiteschools, we decided to put the software on the market. Meet VIKING bookings (yes, named after Roel, the Viking ;)).

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VIKING reservation software for kiteschools

At the moment, VIKING is a kiteschool software that:

  • Automates all new subscribtions;
  • Automates your planning;
  • Automates your rescheduling;
  • Can be linked to your administration (automatic billing at registration), so you always have real-time insight;
  • Has conversion keys for your marketing;
  • Saves up to 90% of your planning time (At it saves two full-timers).

Professionalise your kiteschool

You can say that the integration of this software makes your business more professional at a number of points:

  • Your scheduling is tighter;
  • Instructors are more satisfied;
  • Customers are more satisfied;
  • Very big timesaver for you;
  • Your company will be easier scalable;
  • Increased competitiveness through targeted marketing;
  • Administration faultless and automatic (if let you integrate the API).

For event bookings please check out MICE Operations

Users of VIKING software

VIKING kiteschool software has users in various industries:

  • Surf Schools;
  • Sailing schools;
  • Kitesurf Schools;
  • SUPschools;
  • Outdoor sports;
  • Gyms.

There are also companies that use VIKING multi-sports, for example, a school that offers kite surfing, surfing and beach games.

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