Save €150 on your introduction to kitesports

For groups with 3 or more participants, we offer special deals for the modern family and circle of friends that want to experience the first steps of kiteboarding together. This is the most fun and affordable way to get your tribe introduced to the world of kiteboarding.

Group courses of three or more persons can be booked in packages from a 1-day introduction to a complete 3-day course that will cover everything from safety and control to your first ride on the board. A great opportunity to bring the family together, or just gather your own group of friends and save with our group deals!


Dag 2 van 3-daagse cursus kitesurfen in Kijkduin Den Haag


If you have already followed an introductory course or have already had some lessons and you want to continue where you left off, you can opt for our Advanced Course.

3 Day Advanced Group Kiteboard Course of €350, now for €249 p.p.

Kitesurfschool Zandmotor

Introduction | 4.5 hrs

€ 125,- p.p.

Group Deal

79 p.p. | weekdays

99 p.p. | weekends and holidays

*Temporary Discount €50

  • Discover kitesurfing

  • Guaranteed fun

  • Theory, material & safety

  • Includes lunch at Boca Grandi
Kitesurfschool Kijkduin

3 Day Course | 13.5 hrs

(Intro + 2 Group lessons)

€ 350,- p.p.

Group Deal

249 p.p. | 11.5 hours*

*Temporary Discount €100

  • Most sold course

  • For young and old
  • The perfect foundation

  • Get started with the board

Kitesurfschool Scheveningen

5 Day Course | 18.5 hrs

(Intro + 4 Group lessons)

€ 490,- p.p.

Group Deal

399 p.p. | 18.5 hours*

*Temporary Discount €90

  • Meest complete cursus

  • 100% independent kiting

  • Unique: no sailing = free lesson

  • 15% off your first kiteset

Why choose

Kiteboardschool Scheveningen
  • NR. 1 rated instructors in the Netherlands!

  • Certified by International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO)

  • Free access to showers, changing rooms and beach club
  • Over 100 brand new Naish and Reedin Kites

  • IKO Kiteboard License included with your course

  • Flat- and shallow water spots
  • Proven effective, you too can learn kite surfing!

Riding guarantee 4.8 star rating Reschedule your class up to 2 days before

kitesurfen kennisbank tips

That tastes like more!

My daughter and I had our very first kite lesson on a Sunday morning. The atmosphere was already great and partly due to the beautiful weather an amazing experience. Super good kite gear and super enthusiastic teacher … We have already booked our second and third lesson!

Mega experience!

Clear explanation of the instructor (Klaas) in which enthusiasm and seriousness were combined well (safety was paramount). Everyone has taken equal turns and has made good progress in the progress. There was a change of kite (larger because of pockets of the wind) and the coordination with the other instructors was good.

kitesurfen aanbieding korting deal

What will you do in the 1/3/5 day Autumn deal?

Your first day will be all about kitesurfing basics and theory and learning how to fly both the trainerkite and the 4-line kite. The aim of this lesson is to be able to safely setup, start and land the kite, to have full control of the kite during flight and to master body dragging downwind.

  • Short instruction about the weather
  • Being able to steer a powerkite on land
  • Safety instructions
  • Being able to steer a 4-line kite
  • Bodydragging*
  • Your first board attempt

*Being able to have yourself pulled through the water by using the power of the kite

After mastering the down wind body drag we’ll continue with the upwind body drag. You’ll also learn how to put the board on your feet, we’ll discuss some theory for the water start and you’ll make your first water starts. You might even be able to ride a short distance at the end of your second lesson!

  • Short instruction about the weather
  • Being able to steer a powerkite on land
  • Safety instructions
  • Being able to steer a 4-line kite
  • Bodydragging
  • Your first board attempt

During the second lesson you learned how to waterstart and maybe you’ve even ridden a short distance. During this lesson you’ll learn how to keep power in the kite, how to edge and work on getting the right body posture. At the end of the lesson you should be able to ride short distances both ways.

  • Keeping power in the kite while kitesurfing
  • Optimal body position
  • Riding directions
  • Learning how to edge
  • Riding both ways independently

During the third lesson you’ve learned how to keep power in the kite, keep a good body posture and know the basics for riding upwind. During this lesson you’ll learn more about riding upwind. It will take a bit of time to fully master riding unwind, but the aim of this lesson is to get you going in the right direction.

  • Perfectioning the water start
  • Upwind riding theory
  • Practise upwind riding
  • Working on your posture
  • Controll your riding speed by edging
  • Riding back upwind to starting point

During the fourth lesson you’ve probably managed to ride short distances and practiced techniques for riding upwind. The focus of this lesson is to perfect the upwind technique and actually ride upwind. If you progress really quickly you’ll learn the basics of changing direction without stopping and the basics for your first jump.

  • Perfectioning upwind riding
  • Returning upwind of your starting position
  • Transition turn theory and practise
  • Safely navigating between other kitesurfers
  • Theory for your first jump

*Depending on your progression we will perform these points

Pretty exciting in the beginning

I found it quite exciting to start kite surfing, because it is an “extreme sport”. However, I never once felt unsafe on the water, even when I started practicing more independently during the lessons. They pay close attention to safety and adapt the lessons to your personal learning curve. Even when I started practicing independently for kite school outside of my lessons, the instructors still paid attention to me while teaching. They want to keep kiting fun and safe for their students. Even after the lessons have been completed.

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* Only 29 spots available

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Riding guarantee 4.8 star rating Reschedule your class up to 2 days before